Thursday, October 1, 2009

Watch me pull a blog outta my hat!

Above is Maeve Aithne Chalcedony Nonesuch. This is just a rough sketch, I shall fiddle with it as I go & post updates. This is my first time posting a pic to blogger, please bear with me. I might be starting up a sketch blog here if it's easier than the hands-and knees trip over the mountains that deviantart inflicts on people to post art, oy. Such the tuchis-pain.
She's Cornelius Nonesuch's mom, & she's seen here in her Hornet flying togs. The smaller flying vehicles in this storyline are ornithopters: Once she was married to Ajax Nonesuch her life got a lot more exciting. Her parents prized her like treasure and guarded her like griffins (More about griffins, anon, and ye may lay to that. Och!). Unicorns are rare & females are VERY rare, so they are cherished & her parents went kinda overboard. She was watched & cosseted & hovered over constantly. Which has made her just bursting to try new things & she took to flying like a child of the bird-clans. She uses those goggles as well for the fact that she can't see aether (mana, magic, juju *giggle*). Usually the beings of magic (dragons, griffins, unicorns, et al) can at least see it like heat haze off a road but she was born aether-blind. Which doesn't stop her from being an excellent healer & magical botanist. She is calmer than when she was younger, as losing Ajax was a great blow. Sparks of her former vitality are often evident. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, twits both of her sons mercilessly & is, if not fearless, very good @ calculated risks. She'd be a hella chess player if they had it in their world.
My landlady's husband passed away last night. He had Altzheimers, & in the end was just...somewhere else. When he was cognizant he was a darling sweet man, funny, helpful and skilled with his hands. I miss both him & his wife tremendously, she died recently as well. They were like grandparents to me after 12 years of living across the driveway from them. I'm very low today & work is gonna be a Mongolian Clusterfuck today, so I need to pull it together.

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