Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Goose/Gander Syndrome

First off, fellow Deviants: I get it. I know that most of you are there, posting your artwork for critiques/approval/sale/whatever. Some of you are posting stuff to share a common interest with others. Some of you are posting your personal porn, at its intrinistic value. I totally get it. We all have our tastes. Not all of us agree on them. I am completely against several sexual things & have a hatred in my heart for them, the most obvious being pedophilia. The others are, honestly, merely degrees of taste. I don't like it, I don't pursue looking for it. But on Deviantart, sometimes, it's hard not to get hit in the head with a lolita mpreg amputee furry anime boi.

And the boobs. Oh, my dainty baby Jesus in a magenta lace pushup wonderbra with matching tap pants: Ta-tas, gazongas, knockers, hooters, jugs, melons, chesticles, garbonzas, &c, ad nauseum. Again: I get it. The female figure is beautful & your picture is YOUR interpretation thereof. But after a while it's just another pair of nipples in an aureolic avalanche. There are pictures that are incredible, flawless: glossy hair, striking makeup, flattering outfit...aaaand top open and/or off, if not just naked. The objectifiation of women is already rampant throughout the internet. I already feel like a transportation unit for my tits on their daily tour about town, my bra upgraded to seatbelt status. And yes, I do wear a lot of cleavage-revealing clothing; I have huge dragon tattoos running over my shoulders and, yes, huge chest that I'm proud to have. And before my soapbox gets too high for me to climb off of; I am TOTALLY guilty of using my cleavage for discounts, a helping hand and extra fries. I own up to that; Me, a cup DD; me, a maxima cup DD, LOL.

And men are well represented in the objectifation game, don't get me wrong, I just drew this (CAUTION, NSFW or if you're an insecure male, lol) pic as a sarky visual shorthand of this blog, lol. And the GLBT artists on DA and elsewhere do their best to make their models look utterly delicious. And believe me I COMPLETELY appreciate that, particularly Bears being the hot hairy beasts that they are, WOOF! *a-hem* But the heterosexual artists, male and female don't really seem to see how prevalent the stereotype of the current sociatal approved female naked shape is, when it's not draped in clothes that place the artwork on the border of ersatz kiddie porn.

And it just reaches a state of saturation; a point of desensitization. Which makes a lot of people *koffmenkoff* see and present females as a prop, a thing for their use, not another human being with hopes and aspirations and desires. I am strongly against this, but how can anyone really sit down and say 'this picture is “good” & this picture is “bad”!'. You can't. It's artwork & as the old saw goes; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when beauty becomes so ubiquitous, so disposable, it inures people to beauty itself?

And yet actually getting to KNOW someone has become even less of a priority than ever. We as a society are shallow, self centered children and we all get angry when mother's breast is refused us. Please people. I'm not asking anyone to go around censoring anyone else of legal age and consent to stop doing what they enjoy. But look around & see what this numbing down has done to us across the board. Meh, another hot chick/dude, they're a dime a dozen now that you can have a new chassis dropped in, and with payment plans, yet. Lying & general assholery, because, hey, the pretty celebrities get out of stuff because they're hot, so *I* can because *I'm hot*. The models in every walk of life that have to put up with utter shit from men AND women, because they posed nude so they must be 'easy'. People who have sex rammed down their throat every day & yet can't tell their partners what they enjoy with other consenting adults because they've been told by the mainstream that it's 'sick' or 'dirty'.

See the people around you. Each of them & yourself are individual, unique. Watch how they carry themselves, how they are so *real* when they laugh or cry. Listen to their voice when they tell you that they love you. You are the most beautiful person in the world to them.

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