Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Scrappy!

I has a headache, & have amounted to 2 things today, jack & diddly. Well 3 things. Scrap art above. Men are being their usual skwrly selves at me on top of annoying people in mad full effect invading Concord. Leafpeepers, for those not from New England are people from 'away' that walk into oncoming traffic with carefree abandon, randomly slam on their brakes & have the amusing idea that I don't speak French OR German. And, obvy, come to look at pretty DEAD LEAVES. Which are DEAD & do NOTHING. If they, like, exploded off the trees in sparkling displays of dispersed seeds or short bursts of flames, I would see the point. But they're dead leaves. That just sit there. Unless they *GASP* fall off the trees. *eyeroll*
I'm sorry I've not been more productive today *hangs head because a) it weighs 600# from PAIN & b) slacker shame.
Ugh. Better stuff coming, sweartagods. Just not today....

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