Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tea, hot. Sarcasm, hotter

Here's my most recent piece of artwork which is of course available to put on a mug:
I'm very happy with this piece, though I do need to work on backgrounds. I'm making myself be more detailed for the illios for the webnovel, & it's great fun. Just gotta remember not to make it too crowded.
The comment is a tight little description of the scene that I will prolly use in the webnovel. The steam over the tea cup is EPIC W1N, very happy with it.
My shoulders/back hurt abominably & I have obligation knitting to do as well as my own winter accessories upon which to bust a move, yo yo yo & all that crap, lol. Taking pix of my boring-ass neighborhood for a lad with potential in Atlanta GA, stay tooned...

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