Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alius Dies Alius Pupa, Deus Volent

Here's two art prints for the sellings! like 'em? Buy em! I also have my spiffy little donate button over there to the right. I am taking artwork commisions. 1/2 up front, I do a b/w sketch w/a watermark & send it to you for approval, you ok it & I do the color & send w/watermark. You ok it, send the other 1/2 of the commission & I send the artwork. Prices available on request, character designs, band logos, bring it ON, lol.
And yes I was horrendously cranky when I wrote the last blog. Cope.
I'm listening to Corvus Corax, Scotus & I wanna go conquer something. I also hacked off most of my hair this morning & it felt WONDERFUL. Like a smack on the ass from Jesus...

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